Beltone Successfully Concludes Strategic Summer Internship Program to Empower Talents and Drive Innovation

Cairo, September 12, 2023 - Beltone Financial Holding ("Beltone" or "the Company"), one of the fastest growing institutions, announces the completion of its strategic internship program aimed at preparing university students for the dynamic workplace. The program, administered through Beltone Academy, provided a distinctive opportunity for students to explore their career aspirations, acquire practical job competencies, and apply their academic knowledge in a practical work setting. Carefully designed, the program positions Beltone as a leading catalyst for career advancement and an employer of choice in the financial industry.

Sherry Bishara, Beltone’s Chief People and Corporate Sustainability Officer commented "We are thrilled to have successfully concluded Beltone's exceptional internship program, which played a pivotal role as an integral component of our educational endeavors. This program transcended conventional internships by empowering students to shoulder genuine responsibilities, collaborate with seasoned industry professionals, and apply their theoretical knowledge to tangible projects”

Basma Rady, Beltone’s Chief Data Scientist added “Beltone’s Data Science Internship Program aims to empower talents. Handpicked from top universities worldwide, including the American University in Cairo (AUC), the program welcomed six exceptional interns who fearlessly tackled real-world challenges. Leveraging the power of machine learning and advanced analytics, they worked intensively for eight weeks, uncovering valuable insights. Supported by Beltone’s team, the interns honed their technical skills in statistics, programming, and cutting-edge algorithms, pushing the boundaries of the field”.

This program is a testament to Beltone's commitment to driving innovation and creating growth for stakeholders through data-driven fundamentals. Beltone’s internship program extends beyond data science and included internships in various other business lines, such as, investment banking, ventures, consumer finance, asset management, private equity, brokerage, fixed income, equity research, and leasing.

The strategic objective of Beltone's internship program is to cultivate a robust talent pipeline for the Company's future growth. By supporting university students, Beltone fulfills its corporate social responsibilities while identifying potential candidates for its prestigious graduate program. The program aims to cultivate a diverse array of essential skills among interns, including adaptability, self-discipline, time management, communication, leadership, and teamwork, all of which significantly enhance their prospects of securing meaningful employment in the future.