Magnet, a fully owned subsidiary of Beltone Holding, stands as a unique and forward-thinking HR consultancy organization dedicated to empowering organizations.

Offering a range of services including recruitment for top-tier talent, streamlined HR outsourcing, strategic HR and management consultation, and comprehensive training and development programs, Magnet is committed to enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

With a team of seasoned professionals bringing diverse industry expertise and leveraging the latest technologies, we ensure our clients stay ahead of trends and remain competitive.

Our client-centric approach prioritizes building lasting relationships by customizing services to meet unique challenges, ultimately empowering organizations to reach their full potential.

  • HR Complete Outsource Services
  • Talent Trove
  • Complete Employee Lifecycle Solutions
  • Paypro Personnel Services
  • Ascendplus Benefits Pro
  • Organizational Evolution Solutions
  • Elite Leadership Discovery
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