Beltone Asset Management is Egypt’s largest non-bank affiliated asset management house with regional coverage across 20 markets in the Middle East.

Leveraging a comprehensive client base and strong track record. Egypt’s leading and most innovative Asset Manager.

  • Egypt’s first daily Gold fund
  • Launched Egypt’s 1st Money Market Fund
  • Flagship regional equity fund – GEMs Fund
  • Home to Egypt’s sole onshore Exchange Traded Fund tracking the EGX30
  • Managing Egypt’s 1st and only Sports Fund
Fund Name Inception Date Price Last Update
Local Money Market Funds Denominated in EGP
MID Bank Fund 2 10-July-2020 1059.58379 17-April-2024
ABC (Mazaya) 01-March-2009 47.00033 17-April-2024
Banque Du Caire II (El Kahera El Yawmi) 31-July-2009 46.69766 17-April-2024
Arab Bank (Yomaty) 23-January-2010 46.3473 17-April-2024
SAIB Money Market Fund 17-May-2014 30.57262 17-April-2024
Misr Insurance Fund 13-August-2014 29.70876 17-April-2024
Attijari Wafa Bank Money Market Fund 26-October-2016 2489.9461 17-April-2024
Islamic Local Money Market Funds Denominated in EGP
ADIB Islamic 09-November-2014 267.027 17-April-2024
Local Equity Funds Denominated in EGP
Suez Canal Bank II (Agial) 23-September-2008 34.23932 14-April-2024
MID Bank Fund 1 10-June-2020 1182.45852 14-April-2024
Regional Equity Funds Denominated in USD
Beltone Gems Equity Fund 08-October-2007 9.46483 15-April-2024
Local Balanced Funds Denominated in EGP
QNBA Tawazon 31-October-2010 420.4629 15-April-2024
Local Exchange Traded Funds Denominated in EGP
EGX30 ETF 29-December-2014 32.68 17-April-2024
Local Fixed Income Funds Denominated in EGP
Egyptian Sport Fund 19-December-2021 130.16441 13-April-2024
Beltone Fixed Income Fund “B-Secure” 02-November-2022 1.27136 17-April-2024
Multi Asset Products
Beltone Evolve Gold Fund "Sabayek" 14-January-2024 92.11795 17-April-2024